Make Money In 30 Days With Gpt And Tasks!

Make Money In 30 Days With Gpt And Tasks!

The GPT field is part of the target task sites that deal with ptc sites but differ in that their profits are tasks

What is the strategy of this company?

These companies play the role of mediator, but it is unlike the sites of the look is very dependent on the tasks and clicks very small

Advertiser pays between 0.10 - 0.50 cents per task
And you share the amount for each task with the company (at most times calculated by proportion and not by sharing)
You can increase your profits by paying attention to the Refluxer and carrying out the tasks with great seriousness, especially in English

There are some offers are calculated for America only, which is priced high, but normal tasks, which are priced at $ 0.25 may be implemented with attention to its terms well.

Some tasks may require you to continue to click on the Newbox site for a full week to win your commission.

What are the best sites in this field?

There are a lot of sites that appear in collections like the sites of Multimoney, which are famous by Donkey Mail, as well as sites that are personally tried.
Super Pay, rewardingways, Global Action Cash
All you need to do is fill out the data and execute the tasks
Which depends on acceptance with the status of proof of mission or rejection
Proof of Confirmation Either your membership name is as important
Or "postage after performing the task"

For those who have problems in English during the task Use Google Chrome to translate the site to ensure acceptance between 24 to 48 hours.

Is there a better plan?

One day I surf the sites I saw one of the topics talking about achieving five dollars a day in thirty days and in my opinion so far this plan more profitable

All you need to do is search for 10 honest websites

Select two hours to perform ten offers each day

If the price of the task is "0.05 cents", the lowest price for the task

You will earn $ 0.5 per day from each site, which means $ 15 within 30 days

This is the best way to achieve a monthly salary, but you need to clean your device after every task or on a daily basis of programs and cookies (browser memory) to provide you with more opportunities permanently.
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